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Samya Boxberger-Oberoi
Samya Boxberger-Oberoi
The Power of Self-Expression
5,000 Years in the Making

Wednesday, May 27
Joel Fotinos
Joel Fotinos
Goal Setting for Prosperity
May 29
Workshop May 30
Thomas John
Thomas John
Never Argue with
a Dead Person

Saturday, May 30
Psychic Bootcamp May 31

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Fabienne Slama
Fabienne Slama
Renaissance Woman:
A Journey

June 2
East West Bookshop Prosperity Book Club
East West
Prosperity Book Club
Wednesday, June 3

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Tandava and NooshinDear Friends,

There are some spiritual truths that everyone can relate to. Love, for instance, is universally acknowledged to be among the most uplifting of human emotions. Why is that? Think about the experience of being in love — your attention is consumed with thoughts of your beloved, with concern for their happiness and wellbeing. Many people look back on such a situation as one of the happiest periods in their lives, even though it may also have been the time during which they thought the least about themselves....

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