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Dr. Allen Dubner, D.C. & Dr. Sharon Dubner, D.C.
Dr. Allen Dubner, D.C. &
Dr. Sharon Dubner, D.C.

Natural Strategies for
a Sluggish Thyroid

Tuesday, February 9
Melanie Marquis
Melanie Marquis
Magical Secrets to Success
nd Self-Empowerment

Thursday, February 11

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Patricia Lafayllve
Patricia Lafayllve
A Practical Heathen’s
Guide to Asatru

Friday, February 12
Tomás Prower
Tomás Prower
La Santa Muerte:
The Macabre Magic of
Death & Mortality

Saturday, February 13
3 - 4:30pm
Michael Furie
Michael Furie
Love Magic:
Simple Spells for
Powerful Results

Sunday, February 14
2 - 3:30pm

Editor's Letter

Tandava and Nooshin

Dear Friends,

Once upon a time, two monks were making a long journey by foot. As they came to ford a river, they met a beautiful young lady. She begged them for help in crossing, not wanting to wade across and ruin her elegant clothes. So the older monk politely picked her up, carried her across, and set her down again. She thanked him and headed off in her own direction.

For some time, the two monks continued their walk in silence....

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