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By East West's Book Buyer, Diane Holcomb
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TThe Magic , by Rhonda Byrnehe Magic
Rhonda Byrne
The author of the phenomenal bestsellers The Secret and The Power continues her lessons on the law of attraction with The Magic. The magic you believed in as a child is real, she says, and the power to experience it is through the practice of gratitude, a common theme in major religions. By making heartfelt, genuine gratitude a way of life, Byrne claims that you will revolutionize your health, happiness, relationships, and Click here to order The Magic from www.eastwest.com.prosperity. It takes repetition and time to develop a new habit, so she offers 28 "magical practices" to be done on consecutive days, either first thing in the morning, throughout the day or at night. From counting your blessings for things you already have, to focusing on what you desire, the practice of gratitude—at the very least—will have you appreciating all that is good in life. Atria Books, $12.99

Imagine, by Jonah Lehrer Imagine
How Creativity Works
Jonah Lehrer
The creative process doesn't require a muse, according to Jonah Lehrer, author of How We Decide. Creativity is hard-wired into the mind, and this book tells readers how to access it. He explores the science behind the importance of the color blue, the ability of the brain's right hemisphere to make associations between random thoughts, the clarity that comes with distance, how critique draws out the imagination, and the effectiveness of random conversation. You'll see the process at work in organizations like Click here to buy Imagine as an audiobook from www.eastwest.com.Nike and Proctor and Gamble as they develop new slogans and products, in Bob Dylan's burst of creativity after giving up songwriting, or as employees of Pixar Animation Studios generate ideas in a production meeting. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, this fascinating study will help you understand the process, overcome blocks and tap into your own inventiveness. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $26.00

TThe Writer's Workout, by Christina Katzhe Writer's Workout
366 Tips, Tasks, & Techniques From Your Writing Career Coach
Christina Katz
If you've dreamed of making money as a freelance writer but don't know how to proceed, look no further than The Writer's Workout. For a little over twenty dollars you have the benefit of what amounts to 366 days of private instruction (for those leap-day years) from a writing coach whose students "go from unpublished to published". You'll learn how to determine your audience and subject matter based on your passions and style, gather what you need to draft a piece, set a time limit on research, target Click here to download The Writer's Workout from www.eastwest.com.appropriate publications, pitch your idea, develop a platform, get noticed, and submit your work—in easy-to-follow, doable steps. With Christina Katz's super-organized system you won't be spinning your wheels anymore. Here is a book to refer to repeatedly for advice, tough love and encouragement on your way to writing success. Writer's Digest Books, $19.99

TThe Artist's Way Starter Kit , by Julia Cameronhe Artist's Way Starter Kit
A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Julia Cameron
Twenty years ago Julia Cameron exploded on the scene with her internationally bestselling book The Artist's Way, a twelve-week program of exercises and guidance designed to jump-start and maintain the creative process. The publisher now offers this groundbreaking book bound together with The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal as a special bargain-priced anniversary package. Anyone seeking to embrace their creativity in the New Year will find the inspiration and motivation needed within these two books, and through a handy interactive website tool. J P Tarcher, $29.95

TT-he Power of Self-Healing , by Dr. Fabrizio Mancinihe Power of Self-Healing
Unlock Your Natural Healing Potential in 21 Days
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
An expert in self-healing medicine, Dr. Mancini presents a program to boost your body's innate healing potential in just 21 days. Each day of the program includes a nutritious menu that incorporates his top 25 healing foods, his recommendations on nourishing supplements, a daily exercise plan, and a self-healing thought. You'll learn about the Click here to download Spontaneous Happiness from www.eastwest.com.power of belief, trust, and a spiritual practice, and when to turn to complimentary therapies. There’s no time like the present to build a healthy body for your future self. Hay House, $24.95.

New books for our young adult readers...
Soul Searching by Sarah StillmanSoul Searching
A Girl's Guide to Finding Herself
Sarah Stillman
Back when she was sixteen, before earning her master's from Yale and becoming a war correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sarah Stillman wrote a guide for girls just like herself who were seeking an understanding and appreciation of themselves. Now updated for the current crop of teens, Soul Searching offers tools to help overcome the problems of parental expectations, betrayal by friends, pressures to fit in, violence, internet bullies, and the challenges of living in a technology-obsessed society. Through yoga, meditation, feng shui, volunteering, dream interpretation and more, young women learn to overcome the negativity from without and within. Includes quizzes for self-exploration, activities to tap into inner wisdom, and inspiring examples of girls from around the world working together to overcome tough obstacles and stand tall inside their own skin. Beyond Words, $9.99