Death & Reincarnation

Yoga is more than a series of physical postures. It is a philosophy, a way of life, a spiritual path. While there is no record that Lincoln assumed the headstand during Cabinet meetings, or meditated in the lotus pose before delivering the Gettysburg Address, in many aspects of his life, Lincoln behaved, quite naturally and unconsciously, just like a yogi. This book was written to throw a spotlight on Lincoln’s many regular, and even daily, habits that demonstrate his affinity with the ancient spiritual science of yoga.

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The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln: Forerunner of the Modern Truth Seeker Cover Image
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No one needs to wait to have a near death experience before visiting a level of heaven; everyone can go now, meet with spirit allies, animal helpers, guides, divine teachers and loved ones, and transform their lives. The author, a shamanic practitioner and energy healer, is all about teaching people to find their way into the heavenly realms to find their own wisdom. This book will appeal to anyone who is curious about the afterlife, rebirth, and the wisdom of the ages.

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You Don't Have to Die to Go to Heaven: How to Find Guidance and Healing in the Spirit Realms Cover Image
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