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East West Events Proposal

Thank you for your interest in presenting a lecture, workshop, concert or intuitive reading(s) at East West Bookshop.

Please note that we schedule our programs at least four months in advance. Proposals are reviewed as soon as they come in and we will respond to you as soon as we have reviewed your materials.

NEW: Your event may either charge an admission fee or be free to the public. For free events there is a rental fee of $100 required to reserve your event date and time. This helps us cover our own rent as well as the time and effort our staff puts into arranging and publicizing your event. For events with an admission fee, the income from ticket sales will be split between you and East West.

To submit your event proposal, please completely fill in the following form and submit it.

Intuitive readers will be asked to provide at least one sample reading to one or more of our staff members.

If you have a press kit or product, please send it with a cover letter to:
East West Bookshop
Attn: Chrystal Aulson, Events Manager
324 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041


Publishing Calendar:


For events in January - March, deadline is late October (magazine released in early December)

For events in April - June, deadline is late January (magazine released in early March)

For events in July - September, deadline is late April (magazine released in early June)

For events in October - December, deadline is late July (magazine released in early September)

For more information, please read the PDF document above the Presenter's Name entry below.

Thank you again for your interest in presenting at East West.

Chrystal Aulson
Events Manager


IMPORTANT - Please begin by reading East West's Presenter Terms here
Many frequently asked questions are answered here, and submitting a proposal constitutes agreement to the terms.



The name of the person who will be doing the actual presentation.
The publicist or other contact name. May also be 2nd presenter's name, if applicable
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** BRIEF ** description of your proposed event. For example, "I want to do a talk about the benefits of meditation on relieving stomach upset and headaches." Or, "I want to present my book called "My Book," which describes the troubles I've had with migraines, and how I healed them using natural methods."
Enter the books, CDs, DVDs, digital downloads, or other products you have produced or co-authored.
Enter the last 5 years of presentation experience. Month and year, place, topic, and references if available. If you have links to a video or audio of your presentations, please include them here.
Please enter your qualifications to give the proposed presentation. List any experience, whether in person or webinars, from the last 5 years only. Please be aware that East West is NOT a good place for first-time presenters. Please polish your skills before sharing your brilliance with our customers.
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