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Please note:
• Because seating is limited and because reservations for free events often reach full capacity, you must arrive at least five minutes prior to the program's scheduled start to be assured of admittance.
• All unclaimed seats will be released to wait-listed customers five minutes before each program begins.
• Cancellation policy: To receive a refund for a paid reservation, a minimum 24-hour notice before the event is required.
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11 Friday 7-9pm Bill Virga Living Light Cinema: Oz Encounters
12 Saturday 12-6pm Various Practitioners East West Psychic Fair
13 Sunday
16 Wednesday 7:30pm Ananta Ripa Ajmera Embrace Your Soul Power, the Ayurveda Way
17 Thursday 7:30pm David Gamow How to Know and Trust Your Inner Guidance
18 Friday 7:30pm Andrea Lieberstein Well Nourished: Mindful Practices for Heart, Body and Mind
19 Saturday 7:30pm Sue Wilhite Divination for Anyone: Intro to Lenormand Cards
20 Sunday 12-5pm Do Readings Today: Quick & Easy Lenormand Spreads
22 Tuesday 7:30pm Rachel Cooley Manifest Effortless Prosperity with the Angels *** RECENT ADDITION ***
23 Wednesday 7-9pm Manifest Effortless Prosperity with the Angels Healing Workshop *** RECENT ADDITION ***
25 Friday 7:30pm Peter Sullivan Wireless and EMF Safety for Highly Sensitive People
26 Saturday 7:30pm Mark Mezadourian Attract Your Divine Partner
27 Sunday 1-5pm Attract your Divine Partner Workshop
30 Wednesday 7:30pm Thea Sullivan Seeing with the Eye of the Soul: 5 Big Picture Truths to Set You Free
31 Thursday 7:30pm Maya Barak How Touch and Sleep Affect Babies’ Physical and Emotional Development


2 Saturday 2-5pm Bethany Coté Beginning Meditation
5 Tuesday 7:30pm Sue Wilhite Quick Guide to the Tarot: The Major Arcana
7 Thursday 7:30pm BelindaGrace Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit Guides
7-10 Thu-Sun 7:30pm Readings with BelindaGrace
9 Saturday 7:30pm Developing Your Intuition and Clairvoyance
12 Tuesday 7:30pm Sue Wilhite Quick Guide to the Tarot: The Minor Arcana
13 Wednesday 7:30pm Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi EEG Studies of Healers, Mystics and Shamans: Bridging Science and Spirituality
14 Thursday 7:30pm Laura Barton Accelerate Your Ascension *** RECENT ADDITION ***
15 Friday 7:30pm Garth Gilchrist John Muir: Into the Heart of the Wild *** RECENT ADDITION ***
16 Saturday 7:30pm Steven Manus How to Awaken Your True Potential
19 Tuesday 7:30pm Sue Wilhite Quick Guide to the Tarot: Combos & Context
20 Wednesday 7:30pm Dan Millman Return of the Peaceful Warrior: Adventures and Insights from the Hidden School
21 Thursday 7:30pm Robin Lysne Heart and Soul: Past Lives and Partnership
22 Friday 7-9pm Past Lives and Partnership Workshop
23 Saturday 7:30pm David DiLullo East West Drum Circle


3 Tuesday 7:30pm Sue Wilhite Quick Guide to the Tarot: Short Spreads