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Please note:
• Because seating is limited and because reservations for free events often reach full capacity, you must arrive at least five minutes prior to the program's scheduled start to be assured of admittance.
• All unclaimed seats will be released to wait-listed customers five minutes before each program begins.
• Cancellation policy: To receive a refund for a paid reservation, a minimum 24-hour notice before the event is required.
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31 Monday 7:30pm Tim Burkett Nothing Holy About It


2 Wednesday 6-7pm hosted by
Sue Wilhite
Prosperity Book Club
7:30pm Vicki Panagotacos Starting Over After a Death or Divorce from a Life Partner
6 Sunday 12-5pm Barbara Marx Hubbard Conscious Evolution
8 Tuesday 7:30pm Tess Whitehurst Holistic Energy Magic
9 Wednesday 7:30pm Asha Praver Death and Grief as a Spiritual Journey
10 Thursday 7:30pm Maureen Smith Setting Up the Spiritual Energy Field
11 Friday 7:30pm Catriona MacGregor Discover Your Spirit Animal, Discover Yourself
12 Saturday 7:30pm Charles Ekabhumi Ellik Secret Code of Tantric Sacred Art
13 Sunday 12:30-2:30pm Maureen Smith Soul Fragment Retrieval
14 Monday 7:30pm Sage Lewis Telepathic Communication with Pets and Animals
15 Tuesday 3-7pm Animal Communication Sessions
16 Wednesday 7:30pm Ladamira and
Connie Grauds
Living Shamanic Wisdom
17 Thursday 2-7pm Shamanic Consultations
7:30pm Brant Secunda Origins of Healing
18 Friday 7:30pm Susann Taylor Shier The Soul of Financial Freedom
19 Saturday 11:30am-1:30pm The Soul of Financial Freedom Workshop
18-21 Friday-Monday 11:30am-5:30pm Akashic Record Soul Readings and
Intuitive Counseling
19 Saturday 7:30pm Dada Nabhaniilananda Tantric Meditation in the Modern World
20 Sunday 2-6pm Fostering Love, Creativity and Wisdom in the Corporate World
24 Thursday 7:30pm Tama Kieves Move Past Fear Into Abundance *** NEW ***
25 Friday 7:30pm Lumari Living Inspired: Ignite Your Brilliance CANCELLED
26 Saturday 11:30am-4pm Living Inspired: Your Life Purpose in Joy and Action CANCELLED
7:30pm David DiLullo East West Drum Circle: 10-Year Celebration!
27 Sunday 11:30am-5pm Lumari Living Inspired: Readings for Awakening, Revelation and Transformation CANCELLED
28 Monday 7:30pm Jenny D'Angelo Connect with Your Angels
29 Tuesday 7:30pm Ven. Karma Namgyel Rinpoche Water Blessing Ceremony *** NEW ***
30 Wednesday 7:30pm Peter Nelson Scientist to Seer