East West Events

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Please note:
• Because seating is limited and because reservations for free events often reach full capacity, you must arrive at least five minutes prior to the program's scheduled start to be assured of admittance.
• All unclaimed seats will be released to wait-listed customers five minutes before each program begins.
• Cancellation policy: To receive a refund for a paid reservation, a minimum 24-hour notice before the event is required.
For detailed information about an event, please click its title.


1 Thursday 7:30pm Manohar Croke Energy Psychology Using Light and Color
2 Friday 7:30pm Steven Halpern Brain Balancing Music
3 Saturday 1-4pm Manohar Croke Improve Your Sleep and Activate Your Dreams for Body-Mind Healing
7:30pm David Nicol Subtle Activism: Meditation for Social Change
4 Sunday 1-4pm Subtle Activism: Meditation for Social Change Workshop
5 Monday 7:30pm Zhena Muzyka Life, Success, Happiness and Ritual
6 Tuesday 7:30pm Ivan Temes Speaking Publicly with Joy
7 Wednesday 7:30pm Deborah O'Brien Perfectly Imperfect: Moving from Expectation to Acceptance
8 Thursday 7:30pm Peej Communicating Love & Positive Vibes
9 Friday 7:30pm Dr. Dacher Keltner The Power Paradox
10 Saturday 1-4pm Peej Communicating Love & Positive Vibes Workshop
7:30pm Brahmarishi Vishvamitra Science of Spirituality and Wellbeing: The Art of Living in the Moment
11 Sunday 1-4pm Connecting with Your True Self workshop
12 Monday 7:30pm Phoebe Fazio A Sound Washing™ Experience
13 Tuesday 7-9pm A Sound Washing™ Experience Workshop
14 Wednesday 7:30pm Dilshad Mehta Dreaming & Scheming: Let Your Night Dreams Guide Your Day’s Activities
15 Thursday 7-9pm Dreaming & Scheming Workshop
16 Friday 7:30pm Caravan El Noor The Healing Power of Chant
17 Saturday 7:30pm Dr. Wendy Treynor Reclaim Your Happiness, Your Freedom, Yourself
18 Sunday 1-4pm Self-Mastery Workshop


4 Wednesday 7:30pm Maetreyii Ma Nolan Transformation and Self-Development with Yoga’s Ancient Teachings
5 Thursday 7-9pm Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion and the Way to Enlightenment
6 Friday 7:30pm James Wanless 2017: Year of Fortune
7 Saturday 1-4pm 21st Century Divination
7:30pm Woody Chan Year of the Rooster: Your Chinese Zodiac Luck Profile
8 Sunday 1-4pm Feng Shui Your Way to Prosperity and Perfection in 2017
1-6pm James Wanless Tarot Consultations
9 Monday 7:30pm Himanshu Asnani & Sundar Sethuraman Gita Wisdom, Part 1: Anatomy of Our Identity
10 Tuesday 7:30pm Master Stephen Co Protection from Psychic Attacks and Energetic Pollution
11 Wednesday 7:30pm "Crystal Bill" Kaunitz Inside the Crystal World
12 Thursday 7:30pm Vaisesika Dasa Three Secrets to Inner Happiness: Wisdom from Bhagavad Gita
13 Friday 7:30pm James Kelleher World Predictions 2017-2020
14 Saturday 11:30am-6:30pm "Crystal Bill" Kaunitz Crystal Sale: The Wonder of Crystals
15 Sunday 11:30am-12:30pm Sachin Deshmukh Ayurveda: The Knowledge of Life
2-4pm Understanding Allergens with Ayurveda
16 Monday 7:30pm Himanshu Asnani & Sundar Sethuraman Gita Wisdom, Part 2: The Decision-Making Framework
17 Tuesday 7:30pm Siobhan Nicolaou The Language of Abundance
18 Wednesday 7:30pm David Gamow How to Know and Trust Your Inner Guidance
19 Thursday 7-9pm Siobhan Nicolaou Heart of Gratitude: The Key to Abundant Manifestation
20 Friday 7:30pm Kac Young How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Life
21 Saturday 1-3pm Essential Oils and You
7:30pm Acharya Mangalananda Kirtan: Divine Names and Mantras
22 Sunday 11:30am-12:30pm Tehya Sky A Ceremony Called Life
2-5pm Living Life as Ceremony and Spiritual Practice
23 Monday 7:30pm Himanshu Asnani & Sundar Sethuraman Gita Wisdom, Part 3: Cracking Karma
24 Tuesday 7:30pm Maya Barak Biometric Hand Analysis
26 Thursday 7:30pm Joe Solomonese The Gift of Anger: Use Passion to Build, Not Destroy
27 Friday 7:30pm Marina Lighthouse Feng Shui Adjustments for 2017
28-29 Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm
both days
Various Practitioners East West Psychic Fair
28 Saturday 7:30pm David DiLullo East West Drum Circle
30 Monday 7:30pm Himanshu Asnani & Sundar Sethuraman Gita Wisdom, Part 4: The Inverted Banyan Tree


1 Wednesday 7:30pm Mark Wolynn It Didn’t Start with You
2 Thursday 7:30pm Nayaswami Asha Bringing Spirituality into Everyday Life
3 Friday 7:30pm Steve Smith Your Relationship as a Transformation Station
4 Saturday 1-4pm The Relationship Transformation Workshop
7:30pm Mark Mezadourian Attract Your Divine Partner
5 Sunday 1-5pm Attract Your Divine Partner Workshop
6 Monday 7:30pm Evelyn Crespo Healing Bath Recipes for Transformation
7 Tuesday 7-9pm Healing Bath Recipes for Transformation Workshop
8 Wednesday 7:30pm Allou Guthmiller Reconnective Healing®: Heal Yourself & Others
9 Thursday 11:30am-3:30pm Reconnective Healing Sessions
7:30pm Deb Norton Harness the Power of Creative Resistance
10 Friday 7:30pm Brenda Wade Creating Sacred Relationships
11 Saturday 1-2:30pm Susan Levitt Chinese New Year: Fire Phoenix
3:30-6:30pm Brenda Wade Creating Sacred Relationships Workshop
12 Sunday 1-5pm Deb Norton Valentine’s Day Love Letter Workshop
13 Monday 7:30pm Joy Valentine Break Unhappy Patterns and Find True Love
14 Tuesday 7-9pm 5 Steps to Breaking the Cycle of Wrong Partners and Finding Real Love
15 Wednesday 7:30pm Michelle Kanti Occupy the Frequency of Love
16 Thursday 7-9pm Occupy the Frequency of Love with Yoga Workshop
17 Friday 7:30pm Acharya Shunya Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: Evoke Your Health from Within
18 Saturday 1-4pm Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom Workshop
7:30pm Mejda Das The Soul of Mystical Music
19 Sunday 11:30am-12:30pm Swami Manjulananda Vastu and Vibrational Meditation
2-4pm Vastu and Vibrational Meditation Workshop
20 Monday 7-8pm Lasara Firefox Allen Jailbreaking the Goddess
8-9pm Greg Marcus The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions
21 Tuesday 7-8pm Matthew Sweigart Pathways of Qi
8-9pm Jason Mankey The Rise and Development of Modern Witchcraft
22 Wednesday 7:30pm Shirani M. Pathak Soul Agreements: Healing Lessons from Our Relationships
23 Thursday 7-9pm Soul Agreements Workshop
24 Friday 7:30pm Les Stroud and Llyn Roberts The Call of Mother Earth
25 Saturday 1-4pm Connecting with the Earth Workshop
7:30pm Steven Manus The Yugas: Understanding Our Past and the Emerging Energy Age
26 Sunday 3-4:30pm Les Stroud Music for Mother Earth
27 Monday 7:30pm Ellen Grace O'Brian Living for the Sake of the Soul: Four Insights for an Illumined Life
28 Tuesday 7:30pm Bob Dinga & Diana Rose Spiritual Healing Experiences with John of God


1 Wednesday 7:30pm Shanti Rubenstone Finding Happiness: How to Live a Life Fulfilled
3 Friday 7:30pm Nancy Byrne The Inner Journey To You
4 Saturday 11:30am-2:30pm Psychic Readings
7:30pm Robert Atkinson From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness
5 Sunday 1-5pm Living in Oneness Workshop
6 Monday 7:30pm Kute Blackson The World Needs You
8 Wednesday 7:30pm Carole Holcomb Introduction to Laughter Yoga
9 Thursday 7-9pm Laughter Yoga Workshop
10 Friday 7:30pm Lauren Rainbow An Evening of Spirit Messages
11 Saturday 1-5pm Your Intuitive Toolbox
7:30pm Danielle Nistor Spiritual Tools for Success
12 Sunday 1-5pm Staying Connected with the Spirit of Success
13 Monday 11:30am-5pm Private Channeling Sessions from the Divine Mother for Healing, Spiritual Evolution and Initiation
7:30pm Marc Gelfo Discovering Music as a Healing Practice
14 Tuesday 7-9pm Neuro-Symphonic Synergy: Making Music A Healing Practice
15 Wednesday 7:30pm Wayne Marto The Healing Sounds of the Gong
16 Thursday 7-9pm Gong Bath Meditation Workshop
17 Friday 7:30pm Michelle Wangler The 9 Personality Types of the Enneagram
18 Saturday 1-6pm Enneagram Personality Readings
11:30am-12:30pm Lynne Twist The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life
2-4pm The Soul of Money: Creating a Life of Sufficiency and Prosperity
7:30pm Gopi Kallayil & Ananta Govinda Kirtan Lounge
19 Sunday 4-5:30pm Jack Gates & Phillip Porter Raga Moods for Sitar and Guitar
20 Monday 7:30pm Francis V. Tiso Narratives that Walk: The Story of Central Asian Spirituality
21 Tuesday 7-9pm Attaining the Rainbow Body Workshop
22 Wednesday 7:30pm Barbara McNally Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving but Thriving
23 Thursday 7:30pm Mehrad Nazari Enlightened Negotiation: 8 Universal Laws to Connect, Create, and Prosper
24 Friday 7:30pm Miki Jacobs We Are Never Alone: Introduction to Your Spirit Team
25 Saturday 1-3pm We Are Never Alone: Gallery Reading
8pm Steven Halpern & David DiLullo Global Heart Concert
26 Sunday 11:30am-12:30pm Lilelle Daoin & Ladamira Connection to the Power of Your Family Lineage
1-5pm How to Stop Disease and Misfortune in the Ancestral Lineage
27 Monday 1-6pm Private Slavic Shamanic Healing Sessions
7:30pm Rachel Cooley Call Upon Your Angels for Guidance and Protection
28 Tuesday 7-9pm Healing with the Angels Workshop
29 Wednesday 7:30pm Brandon Thompson Ecstatic Poetry as a Visionary Art
30 Thursday 7:30pm Robin Lysne Heart and Soul: Attracting Your Life Partner
31 Friday 7-9pm Attracting Your Life Partner Workshop