East West Events

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Please note:
• Because seating is limited and because reservations for free events often reach full capacity, you must arrive at least five minutes prior to the program's scheduled start to be assured of admittance.
• All unclaimed seats will be released to wait-listed customers five minutes before each program begins.
• Cancellation policy: To receive a refund for a paid reservation, a minimum 24-hour notice before the event is required.
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25 Wednesday 7:30pm Scout Bartlett 7th Annual: Surviving a Sensitive Lifetime… Even Around Your Family!
28 Saturday 7:30pm Swami Beyondananda & The Swami from
New Jersey
Karma Talk:
Two Swamis, No Waiting
29 Sunday 2-4pm Rachel Cooley Angel Healing Circle


1 Tuesday 7:30pm Ananda & Friends Celebrate East West:
35th Anniversary Party!
2 Wednesday 6-7pm hosted by Sue Wilhite Prosperity Book Club
7:30pm Sue Wilhite Tarot for the New Year
4 Friday 7:30pm Steven Halpern Next-Gen Music for Mindfulness™
5 Saturday 11:30am-1:30pm Santosh LaMarche Beginning Meditation
7:30pm Tomasa Macapinlac Let Go of Perfection and Make Room for Abundance
6 Sunday 1-5pm Reclaim Your Abundance Now
7 Monday 7:30pm Dr. Vignesh Devraj New Year, New Energy with Vaastu *** NEW ***
8 Tuesday 7:30pm Leor Noham Heart-Connection for Synergetic Relationships
11 Friday 7:30pm David DiLullo & Friends New Moon Concert and
Sound Healing