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Please note:
• Because seating is limited and because reservations for free events often reach full capacity, you must arrive at least five minutes prior to the program's scheduled start to be assured of admittance.
• All unclaimed seats will be released to wait-listed customers five minutes before each program begins.
• Cancellation policy: To receive a refund for a paid reservation, a minimum 24-hour notice before the event is required.
For detailed information about an event, please click its title.


1 Sunday 12-4pm Charlie & Linda Bloom Myths About Love Workshop
2 Monday 7:30pm Adiel Tel-Oren The Truth About Protein
3 Tuesday 7:30pm Dr. Allen Dubner & Dr. Sharon Dubner Natural Strategies for Allergies and Asthma
4 Wednesday 6-7pm hosted by
Sue Wilhite
Prosperity Book Club
5 Thursday 7:30pm Dr. Vignesh Devraj Panchakarma: Transformation and Purification through Ayurveda
6 Friday 11:30-8pm Private Consultations
7:30pm Jerry Gin The Nature of Mind-Being
7 Saturday 12-5:30pm A Course in the Nature of Mind-Being
7:30pm Steven Manus The Healing Power of Sound
8 Sunday 2:30-4:30pm Cynthia Starborn Birth Your Creativity
9 Monday 7:30pm Debra Diamond Life After Near Death
10 Tuesday 7:30pm Sara Loos The Miracle Worker’s Handbook
11 Wednesday 7:30pm Nayaswami Asha Understanding the Chakras, in Sickness and in Health
12 Thursday 7:30pm Dr. Ginger Mills Birthing a Sacred Altar to Your Soul
13 Friday 7:30pm Sue Frederick Choosing Your Divine Lens
14 Saturday 12-4pm Finding Purpose, Healing Grief & Living in Alignment with Your Soul
7:30pm Mitra Rahbar Miraculous Silence
15 Sunday 7:30pm Belinda Farrell Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness
17 Tuesday 7:30pm Hemla Makan-Dullabh Awaken the Power of Color: Balancing Your Body, Mind and Soul
18 Wednesday 7:30pm Alba Alamillo Stop Relying on Willpower
19 Thursday 7:30pm Lilelle Daoin Shamanic Healing Miracles and Altered States of Consciousness
20 Friday 7:30pm Mahasiddha Nayada Healing Miracles of Glass Walking
21 Saturday 11:30-1pm Lilelle Daoin Healing Modern Illness with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom
3-5:30pm Mahasiddha Nayada Harmony in Relationships: Masculine and Feminine Integration
7:30pm David DiLullo East West 3-Part Drum Circle
22 Sunday 11:30-6:30pm Lilelle Daoin & Mahasiddha Nayada Health Diagnostics and Healing Sessions through Ancient Shamanic Techniques
2-4pm Rachel Cooley Angel Healing Circle
23 Monday 7:30pm Mityashina and Akhmedyarova The Teachings of Saint Germain
25 Wednesday 7:30pm Abdallah Samaha Into the Presence
26 Thursday 7:30pm David Gamow How to Know and Trust Your Inner Guidance
28 Saturday 8pm Tony Redhouse Healing Heart Concert
29 Sunday 11:30-1:30pm Native American Song, Dance & Drum Circle
3-6pm Discovering Dream Catchers Workshop
30 Monday 11:15-8:30pm Native American Personal Healing Sessions


1 Wednesday 7:30pm Karma Namgyel Rinpoche Kago Sacred Healing Ceremony *** NEW ***
3 Friday 7:30pm Robin Lysne Conversation with Divine Mother
4 Saturday 7:30pm Linda Larson What Does Your Signature Reveal About You?
4 Saturday 12-6pm both days Various Practitioners East West Psychic Fair
5 Sunday
6 Monday 7:30pm Amy B. Scher How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can
8 Wednesday 7:30pm TJ Woodward Conscious Being
9 Thursday 7:30pm Michelle Wangler The 9 Personality Types of the Enneagram
10 Friday 7:30pm Zen Cryar DeBrücke Your Inner GPS
11 Saturday 1-5:30pm Steven Halpern NextGen Brain Balancing Music
7:30pm Mark Mezadourian Attract Your Divine Partner
12 Sunday 1-4pm Zen Cryar DeBrücke Learn to Use Your Inner GPS
15 Wednesday 7:30pm Sage Lewis Reconnect with Your Animal Totems and Spirit Guides
16 Thursday 2-6pm Readings and Healing Sessions for People and Pets
7:30pm Carrie L'Esperance Soul Breathing
17 Friday 7:30pm don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Freedom
18 Saturday 1:30-4pm Br. Tandava Beginning Meditation
7:30pm Genviève Vulser & Judith Royal Messages from Angels are Written in the Stars
19 Sunday 1-4pm Co-Creating Heaven on Earth
22 Wednesday 7:30pm Patti Clark This Way Up: Tools to Unleash Your Creative Self and Transform Your Life
23 Thursday 7:30pm Will Pye Blessed With A Brain Tumor
24 Friday 7:30pm David Eby Resonate with Inspiration
25 Saturday 1-4pm Will Pye Radical Gratitude Playshop
7:30pm Stephen Kent & David DiLullo Inside Grooves Concert
26 Sunday 12-6pm Rudy Zamarron Crystal Enhancement Workshop
30 Thursday 7:30pm Gopi Kallayil From the Internet to the Inner-Net