SPLASH at East West

SPLASH—the “Self-PubLished Authors’ SHelf”—is one way East West supports the growing number of authors who have published their own books. The SPLASH shelf holds an extraordinary array of books written and published by ordinary folks, sharing thoughts, experiences, lessons learned with sincerity and authenticity. It’s one of the most interesting collections in the store. And you'll find it located just opposite the store’s front counter. Next time you’re in the store, take a moment to SPLASH!

Below is a list, with short descriptions, of current SPLASH titles, starting with our latest addition.


Have you—or perhaps someone you know—written and published a book? Would you like to have it for sale on consignment on our SPLASH shelf? If so, please fill out this form, and we'll get back to you shortly.

Latest Addition

Searching for God Within
By Madhura Bhakti
This is a book of poems, some written in the first person as a devotee of the Lord, some written as if God were speaking.

Golf Chronicles
By Joseph Bronson
Join the fun in this celebration of all things golf—a series of life stories, vignettes, and essays by an ordinary player who simply loves the game.

Adult Fiction & Non-Fiction

12 Things I Learned While Trying to Retire in Asia
By Gerald Ridge
This book chronicles five years in the life of a seeker in which the search for a place to retire became, equally importantly, a search for self. It is a story as well as an instruction manual, with profound and comical experiences and practical information to share.

21 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate
By Arian Sarris
A spiritual handbook describing exercises to help you release old programing that keeps you from finding your soulmate, leading to insight into yourself and your inner beliefs.

The 7 Utterances of Christ on the Cross
By Mark G. Cowden
Here Rev. Cowden reveals the spiritual meaning of Christ’s last words, describing how they form a bridge between Eastern and Western religious traditions and how they can lead you to enlightenment.

The Alchemy of Healing
By David Quigley
The author, creator of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, describes powerful techniques of ancient alchemy that, combined with modern hypnotherapy, can heal your body and your life. Through these techniques you can access inner resources to clear underlying causes of illness, disease, depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma.

The Answer Is In Your Handwriting (Volume 1: Fears; Volume 2: Relationships; Volume 3: Career)
By Dena Blatt
In this three volume series, certified graphoanalyst Blatt uses letters to her “Dear Dena” column to illustrate how handwriting reveals traits and tendencies and also suggests how changing one's handwriting can transform these negative traits into positive virtues. Volume I focuses on fears; Volume II on relationships, and Volume III on career.

Answers from Silence
By Jeffrey Chappell
Records one person's dialogues with the Enlightened Self, the part of each of us that has all the answers we need.

Awaken Perfection
By Audrone Wippich
“The authors put under the microscope our current spiritual, societal, scientific and political views in the context of a future evolutionary jump we are fully empowered to co-create, speaking to humanity's cosmic significance.” --Michael Bernard Beckwith

Catalyst for Grace: Awakening to a Higher Love
by Patricia Ferrara
Having witnessed divine Grace in practical and miraculous ways for many years, the author combines true stories with spiritual practices so that readers can witness it themselves.

Change the Way You Heal: 7 Steps to Highly Effective Healing
By Dr Aristotle Economou
The true story of a doctor's miraculous recovery from complete paralysis, especially through the use of “wellness points” on the body.

Crossing the Threshold: A Healer Revealed
by Hansen Highland
Based on a true story, this novel traces how one ordinary woman--a predictable wife, mother and business owner--overcame nearly insurmountable obstacles in realizing her destiny as a healer.

Dare to Imagine: 18 Principles for Finding Peace, Happiness, and True Success
By Ronald Lew
This is the true story of one lost soul who never stopped searching. The author offers hope and actionable advice for finding your own peace, happiness and success.

The Day of Awakening
By Tony Titshall
A mystic’s manual presenting the wisdom of the ages in simple, contemporary parable poetry and illustration, interwoven with scripture. Like a germinating seed, the soul within us has no choice but to respond to the call of awakening.

A Deep and Silent Place: Key to Stillness and Inner Awareness
By Tony Titshall
A pocket-sized volume, describing that deep, silent place within each of us that, approached through stillness, brings the power of God into being in the affairs of men.

Diet to Live - Diet to Die: The Zen of Eating
By Rodef Vokli
With disarming openness, Rodef tells the story of his encounter with a remarkable man through unexpectedly moving, truthful and duel-like dialogues.

Everything Is My Fault: One Woman’s Journey Through Codependency
By Juliet Wright
This book is the Rand McNally atlas of how to navigate codependency patterns. Join Juliet as she shares her story including the program that is helping her heal.

Exiting Through Pinholes
by Chelsea Delaney
Change happens whether we want it or not, but transitions are conscious and require support along the way. This is the story of one of the most revolutionary seasons of my life. I hope it will be part of the support you need to move from one reality to the next with integrity, intrigue, and insistence.

Fear of Death: It's About Life, Actually
By Amy Wallace
With thought-provoking quotes and resources from experts, this book provides a sturdy framework for us to explore our attitude toward death. The author's informal style engages us easily in considering how we want to live—and die.

The Gentle Way of the Heart: Discover the Light Within
By Anders Nilsson
Stanford physics professor Nilsson distills decades of spiritual study and practice into a refreshing and inspiring yet practical guide to living from the heart.

The Great Spirit Says: A Rainbow Warrior's Journey
By Jeanette Sacco-Belli
A spiritual and detailed account of a personal shamanic journey to the universal mind.

Golf Chronicles
By Joseph Bronson
Join the fun in this celebration of all things golf—a series of life stories, vignettes, and essays by an ordinary player who simply loves the game.

Head & Heart
ed. by George Beinhorn
How a balanced education nurtures happy children who excel in school and life. A handbook for parents and educators based on the 40-year experience of Living Wisdom schools.

Healthy Heart, Healthy Planet
By Cathy Misquita
Delicious plant-based recipes and tips to reduce heart disease, lose weight, and preserve the environment.

Heart Wisdom: Teachings and Exercises from Aruhatala of Telos
as channeled to Arian Sarris
Aruhatala of Telos is a woman from the Fifth Dimension who has come to help us release our distortions so we can move forward in our personal and planetary evolution. The book records a wide range of spiritual information and exercises.

I Am: 365 Inspirational Messages from the Great I Am
By Laura Goldman Weinberg
The author recalls, “Over the years I regularly recorded my thoughts and feelings in personal journals, allowing the words from my inner self to flow through me onto the page. Then one day the message to 'write for the world' came through. And so this book was written.”

In the Land of Shiva
By James O'Hara
The author offers light humor and deep wisdom in recounting how he, as a Catholic Brother, explored not only the cultures of India and Nepal but also his own inner landscape.

Inspirational Possibilities
By Mary Ferguson
An exquisitely simple heart-felt guide to living life on a daily basis in the highest spiritual context, written by a person who lives and breathers according to her spiritual beliefs.

It's Easy to Start Eating Vegan
By Rebecca Gilbert
A beginner's guide to eating vegan with practical tips, suggestions for meat and dairy substitutes, and recipes.

Jesus in California: A Layman's Guide to Divinity
By Sue Ellen Todd
Enthralling and stimulating, this is a story about heaven on earth. Find out what Jesus was really trying to say and how his message was lost, stolen, or just misinterpreted.

Journey of a Mystic in Training
By C.J. Cornelison
Travel with CJ as the ups and downs of his path to self-discovery guide him through new levels of self-awakening that will inspire—and sometimes amuse—you.

Joyful Manifestation: Ten Steps to Empower Yourself and Attract a Happy and Successful Life
By Sugandhi Iyer
Success follows certain people because they understand how to work with the universe. You too can become part of this select group of people. This book details a 10-step process to guide you in aligning with your true nature, where your desires are naturally fulfilled.

The Last Teacher: Saints, Demons and Self-Discovery on the Spiritual Path
By Michael L. Dales
This is a story of awakening told by an American whose journey took him from India to Bali and back home to himself. A genuine, entertaining, accessible and inspiring account of life on the mystical road.

The Logic of Chance: A New Approach to I Ching Interpretation for Decision Making
By Alberto Ramon
The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is a collection of 64 hexagrams that metaphorically describe any situation—and can be used to divine outcomes from any course of action. Here Ramon presents a simple and practical yet comprehensive approach for interpreting I Ching hexagrams based on holistic perception.

Love Equals Power
By Eileen McBride
Provides new answers to age-old questions and offers a radical and compelling model for how we can live according to our own truth, free from limitation. “Love is the only true power. It is to the spiritual universe what gravity is to the physical world.”

Love: Our True Essence
By Laura Goldman Weinberg
This story is an intimate, honest portrayal of a woman in a codependent marriage for forty years who discovered she was struggling with PTSD. In learning to love herself, she transformed her life.

Love Thy Legumes
by Sonali Suratkara
Can you cook delicious bean dishes from scratch within 30 minutes? Are you curious to go beyond recipes to understand how to balance your meals for healthy living? Then come, fall in love with thy legumes!

The Mission of Marianne: A Soulful Journey
By Gail Donnelly
A paranormal spiritual novel with a romantic flair, set in the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1980s-‘90s. The author draws on her own experiences with nature, the cosmic current and a lifetime of psychological and spiritual pursuits in crafting the story.

Mood Lady Cards
By Janette Valentino
A creative project of two sisters, one an artist, the other a personal coach. Each of the 40 cards is a quality, an emotion, or an idea intended to invite you to explore its meaning in your life, particularly in the context of creating the life you want to live. Useful as a 40-day practice or as an oracle.

Nine Lives (and Counting): Past-Life Therapy for Healing & Spiritual Growth
By Ann Barham
Welcome to the fascinating world of a professional past-life regression therapist. The author offers an intimate view into personalities of the past and how they relate to current life situations. A pervasive theme is the eternal nature of our existence and the value of each temporary human lifetime.

No More Turning Away: A Revolution in Education, Solutions for a Violent World
By Ronald Veronda
This is a book for educators, parents, and all those concerned about our society and, particularly, our schools. The author suggests how we can decrease crime and violence, increase creativity, and make our schools more effective.

Nothing But Love: A Katrina Volunteer Finds Inspiration in the Aftermath
By J. Baker Young
One Katrina volunteer recounts how a community that was completely destroyed miraculously came back to life and share the profound lessons she learned from Katrina's survivors.

The Power of Illusion
By Maya Vidhyadharan
An open-hearted and loving guide to help you find peace in difficult times. By seeing through illusion, you will connect with your inner truth and release self-sabotaging programs, thereby enabling you to live in love and joy no matter what life brings.

The Promised Land: A Guide to Living a More Joyful, Empowered and Meaningful Life
By Steve Smith
More than just another self-help book, The Promised Land offers a practical way for the average person to become extraordinary.

Quest for Spiritual Self-Reliance: Movement of Meditation
By Martin Esten
The author shows that the path to true and enduring freedom is a counter-intuitive process that can only be understood by setting aside one's analytical mind and by simply being aware of one's self. “By seeing the mechanics of things, you become non-mechanical, and to be non-mechanical is to be free.” The book is meant to be a journey that the reader takes with the writer.

A Room Nearby
By Daniel and Kathy Baker
After a near-death experience during childbirth, Kathy Baker entered an ethereal world wher she met three beings of light who lovingly revealed secrets of the Universe, including a prediction of disturbing events that will exact a profound effect on mankind.

Searching for God Within
By Madhura Bhakti
This is a book of poems, some written in the first person as a devotee of the Lord, some written as if God were speaking.

A Series of Events
By Michelle Stoner
An autobiographical account of the author's journey from drug addiction to self-empowerment. Set in Virginia in the 1980's.

The Soul of Success
By Betty Dietz
Practical, comprehensible and innovative, Soul of Success reveals how to use the profound and meaningful principles of the Voyager Tarot to improve all areas of your life.

Stop the Stress Habit: Change Your Perceptions and Improve Your Health
By Leslie Torburn
Stress is not an uncontrollable emotion that overtakes you without your participation. With the guidance offered here, learn to change how you respond to events thereby reducing the stress you experience. Winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award.

The Story Between Us: Living & Relating From Being
By Allan
A practical path to wholeness and a guide for the challenging journey of shared being.

Strength Within Tears: A Path to Crying
By Shane E. DeMorais
For some, crying in response to emotional pain is a skill long forgotten. The author chronicles his search for inner peace, during which he realized that crying represents the courage to let go, the acceptance of vulnerability, and the path to embracing one's humanity. Here he offers a short, practical guide to reawakening one' s ability to cry and to acknowledging the strength in tears.

Surviving Life Through Faith, Hope and Love
By Melissa M. Carson
A mother's story of raising a daughter with cerebral palsy, learning to live life without boundaries or limits. Real life, she says, begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Towards a Soulful Sexuality
By Adele Gruber
Intelligent, thought-provoking and delightfully candid, Toward a Soulful Sexuality offers a fascinating, comprehensive and celebratory examination of what it should mean to be an older woman in the 21st century.

Twin Awakenings
By Raja and Santia
The story describes a mystical journey where twin flames meet. Some say the book is an ideal romance, others say it is about transformation. Ultimately it is a beautiful reminder of what it means to be human, to be connected to the heartbeat of the earth and to each other.

Why Are You Sick?
by Francie Soito
Most long-term illnesses have a root cause that goes beyond the physical body. This practical guide helps readers understand why they are sick and how they can get back on the path to health and well-being.

Word Posse: Sufi-Style Short Poems to Amuse and Entertain
By Rashid Osmani
In this illuminating collection of short yet deeply reflective poems, Osmani makes magnificent use of the Sufi tradition of verse to cast shimmering new light on modern emotions. Approximately half the book is devoted to explanatory notes and website comments on the 40 poems.

Yoga: The Spirit of Union, Third "Adventurer's" Edition
By Car Laughlan
Represents an integral expression of the author's 40 years of training, practicing and teaching yoga.

The Yogi's Roadmap: The Patanjali Yoga Sutra as a Journey to Self-Realization
By Bhavan Maki
The author offers unique contemporary insights into the classic yoga sutra, revealing that deep, personal enquiry is both the means and the experience of embodying our true spiritual awakening.


By Juliet Wright
This is a companion CD to the book, Everything Is My Fault. 11 songs written and performed by the author.

Fearless Moral Inventory
By Juliet Wright
This is a second companion CD to the book, Everything Is My Fault, offering a moral inventory. Songs written and performed by the author.

Children's Books

Heaven's Land: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories for Young Children and the Young at Heart
By Laura Goldman Weinberg
This is a collection of poems and short stories for young children—and the young at heart.

MaggieMooseTracks: Making Friends
By Mari Campbell
Children's book, Age 6 and up. Maggie is an English springer spaniel puppy with moose antlers who gest lost on ther way to her new family.